four ecmac members at meetingEarlier this week, the Enrollment and Capacity Management Advisory Committee reviewed four potential solutions to capacity pressures at three elementary schools (Basswood, Garden City, Rice Lake) and advanced two ideas for further study.

The two potential solutions that will be vetted for feasibility are:

  • Add space to Oak View and Garden City; make appropriate boundary changes
  • Relocate elementary STEM magnet program from Weaver Lake to Oak View; add space to Weaver Lake and Garden City; make appropriate boundary changes

The group dismissed two other potential solutions that were not deemed viable:

  • Add space to Basswood, Rice Lake and Garden City; no boundary changes
  • Move a certain number (not all) of Rice Lake and Basswood students to Oak View for kindergarten only; add space at Oak View and Garden City; consider boundary changes later

Over the next two months, the advisory group will continue its work to consider potential solutions, with the goal of having one or more ideas to share for community feedback in March.

Review the advisory group’s discussion on each potential solution. Learn more about ECMAC.