Logo SqWebThe Enrollment and Capacity Management Advisory Committee’s (ECMAC) work on elementary capacity solutions will shift from a two-stage approach to a single, longer-term solution to capacity concerns at both elementary and secondary levels.

The change in orientation was determined necessary by staff due to multiple concerns, including the inability to meet a spring 2019 construction planning deadline that would itself be dependent on the results of a thoughtful and thorough process for vetting and seeking community feedback on the two potential solutions the committee had advanced for further study. The vetting and feedback process on both potential solutions would require more time than was available to meet the construction timeline under either scenario. 

Reorienting toward a longer-term solution means that elementary boundary changes and building additions will not be implemented in fall 2020 as previously considered; instead, they will be wrapped into a more comprehensive proposal which, if approved by the school board, would be phased in over the next few years. 

A voter-approved bond referendum would be needed to fund a longer-term solution that addresses both elementary and secondary capacity concerns.

Learn more about ECMAC and its work; read a more detailed summary of the January 24 meeting at which this change in orientation was discussed.