Logo SqWebOsseo Area Schools is in its final year of a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant that provides free enrichment opportunities to youth at four centers: Brooklyn Middle, North View Middle, TreeHouse, and Zanewood Recreation Center. The purpose of 21st Century programs is to establish or expand community learning centers that provide students with enrichment opportunities during non-school hours (before or after school) or periods when school is not in session (summer).

This spring, district staff will apply for another 21st Century Community Learning Center grant to continue offering programming for youth in grades 6-12 at no cost to participants. Over the past few years, students at these centers have participated in activities including academic supports, enrichment opportunities, homework help, music exploration, leadership skill development, physical activities, and more. 

Since grant activities are focused on students who live in and around the centers listed above, grant staff is interested in learning about other activities that students, families, and staff would like to see offered in their community. If you live or work near Brooklyn Middle, North View Middle, Treehouse, or Zanewood Recreation Center, please share your ideas through this survey.

For additional information or questions, please contact Carrie Cabe at 763.391.7142.