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Data released by the Minnesota Department of Education on April 23 showed that Osseo Area Schools is making progress in several areas used to measure improvement in high school graduation rates. Over the past seven years, our schools have made progress in closing graduation rate gaps among all racial/ethnic groups. Here is a summary of the preliminary findings.


  • District four-year graduation rates increased very slightly from 84% in 2017 to 85% in 2018.
  • For each racial group, the district four-year and seven-year graduation rates are at or above statewide averages.
  • Four-year graduation rates for English Learners, students receiving free/reduced price meals, homeless students, male students and female students are at or above statewide averages.
  • Four-year dropout rates have been at or below state rates since 2012.

Areas for concern:

  • Students receiving special education services have lower four-year graduation rates than their peers statewide.
  • English Learners have lower seven-year graduation rates than their peers statewide.
  • District seven-year graduation rates decreased very slightly from 92% in 2017 to 91% in 2018.
  • The district’s seven-year dropout rate is slightly above the state’s, as it has typically been since 2012.

The district will continue to work to improve outcomes for every student group. Students receiving special education and English language services will receive particularly focused attention. 2019-2020 improvement plans will include school-level action to improve specific graduation rate outcomes at each high school.

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