Logo SqWebThis summer, facilities improvements at the Brooklyn Middle School and Park Center Senior High campus will promote car/bus and pedestrian safety and provide improved athletic facilities.

Of special note is a partnership between the school district and the City of Brooklyn Park to jointly build and operate a multi-use dome. The dome and supporting building will be built by the city over two synthetic turf fields being added by the school district; the city will also provide lighting for the turf fields. The city and the school district will share certain costs of and access to the dome and turf fields. Watch students share their perspectives with the city council about the facilities improvements.

The school district will also be making traffic safety improvements that include new parking lot lighting; separate areas for bus and parent drop-off, student parking, and staff parking; and additional sidewalks for pedestrians. A new access drive will connect the Park Center parking lot to Regent Avenue, which will relieve traffic congestion on Noble Avenue and provide safer bus exits onto Brooklyn Boulevard.