Logo SqWebAccording to a professional survey conducted in August 2019 by The Morris Leatherman Company research firm, district residents are strongly supportive of Osseo Area Schools. According to Managing Partner Peter Leatherman, the survey results showed strong gains in positive community perceptions and more enthusiasm for Osseo Area Schools compared to the last community survey conducted seven years ago.

Highlights from more than 500 telephone interviews include:

  • 92% of residents surveyed believe the district provides safe and secure environments for students and staff.
  • 89% said they are proud of Osseo Area Schools and would recommend them to friends.
  • 87% of residents surveyed rate the quality of District 279 schools favorably. Particularly noteworthy was that 48% rated district schools "excellent," which places Osseo in the top five in the metro area on this indicator.
  • Based on responses to a question about the quality of education now compared to five years ago, by a 5 to 1 ratio residents believe the quality is “better.”
  • Residents value Osseo's teachers, the education occurring in the classroom, and the broad curriculum offered.
  • The district has strong financial credibility and much higher job performance ratings for school board, administration, principals, and teachers compared to the 2012 results.
  • When considering the value provided by the district and property taxes paid, residents showed a “very strong endorsement” of the school district.
  • Residents are well aware that student enrollment is growing and will continue to grow over the next five years (along with housing development). They also believe that the district has enough space to accommodate student enrollment and that buildings are meeting the needs of educating today’s children.
  • Residents gave positive ratings to overall communication from the district along with opportunities for parent involvement.

View the survey with overall results for all questions; view the results for parents only; view the handout with visuals.

Listen to a detailed report by Morris Leatherman at the Sept. 10 school board work session.

Watch an abbreviated report by Peter Leatherman at the Sept. 24 school board meeting.